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Welcome to DOMY i DOMKI - woodframe specialists from 1988


After over 20 years of operations we are one of the most experienced woodframe contractors with numerous structures built across Poland and abroad. We work on site as well as we are able to deliver prefabricated elements to distant locations.

We are a woodframe company, that believes that timber structures can offer low energy living and be most sustainable solutions for housing. Starting from natural materials through responsible construction to enhanced thermal properties we put our efforts to demonstrate high environmental value of our houses. We also believe, that indoor environment of our buildings provides natural and healthy conditions for humans.


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Our most advanced houses are equipped with:

  • Solar heating panels;
  • Heat recovery (recuperators);
  • CO, CO2 and temperature control;
  • Heat pumps (with ground and air source);
  • Automated thermal blinds; Air preconditioning ground chambers;
  • Advanced windows (U=0,8 W/C*m2); Up to 4 levels of thermal insulation (external finish panels, within structural depth, within internal 50mm frame, reflective insulation layer);
  • DiD patented solutions;

to offer extraordinary energy saving properties.


Where to find us.




The DOMY I DOMKI company is located in Słomczyn near Warsaw, 20 minutes drive from the Centre south (not counting traffic jams)

The way is quite simple - go from Warsaw via Wilanów towards Konstancin and Góra Kalwaria. After you drive through Konstancin carry on straight for about 4kms, still in direction towards Góra Kalwaria. When you reach Słomczyn, at your right you will see a big white board with the company logo.
Do not confuse our Słomczyn with the one near Grójec, where car market is.

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